Testing the post

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Test post!


Kelly Rowland was spotted across the globe as she prepared to participate in the X-Factor auditions at the O2 Arena in London. This Versace outfit is a unique play on the current trend of color blocking and a great mix of complimenting color. Blue and orange are two of my favorite colors for spring, the orange in this outfit does a great job of bringing out Kelly’s golden undertones and the baby blue looks absolutely gorgeous on her skin. What I like about this outfit is that it is slightly playful with the limited peek-a-boo areas and the vertical stripes make her to-die-for body look long and slender an A+ in my book. Kelly’s accessory game was kept to a minimum as should be! The black platform heels are just the right touch to tie the outfit together throughout. What do you all of think of Kelly’s outfit?

Wait! No one understands I am in LOVE right now with the Atelier Versace Spring 2011 look book. My brain is on overload at how amazing this collection is. Everything about this look book screams red carpet don’t you agree? I can imagine so many celebrities wearing these gorgeous masterpieces right now its sickening. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Imagine this on a red carpet, AMAZING!

Rihanna in this would be to die for.


A couple weeks ago I was very fortunate to work a concert at my school with Tyga and Big Sean who are two very dope rappers. Tyga is signed with Lil Wayne to Young Money Cash Money and Big Sean is signed to G.O.O.D. music with Kanye West. I didn’t really get a chance to talk with Tyga because he had a lot going on and was extremely hungry lol. (PS I really wanted Tyga to wear the Jeremy Scott pants from the Bedrock video but I guess he denied my request lol.)  But I did get to talk with Big Sean a lot who is sooo humble and soo amazing and I can tell by his passion through his raps and his actions that he will go far with his career! Now back to the main reason for my post lol. Looking at all of our outfits we all have one thing in common which is the distressed/worn out look which is a trend that is still going strong. It’s an easy trend to incorporate into your life, you can wear a simple outfit and just throw on a denim jacket, or a pair of ripped jeans and automatically you will look fashion forward without even thinking about it.

I feel like my pictures don’t do Tyga and Big Sean’s outfits justice so I’m gonna go in more detail and describe them just because I have nothing else to do at work lol.

Tyga: I’m a huge fan of sunglasses so immeadiately when Tyga walked in that was the first thing I noticed. From the picture you would probably think the glasses aren’t that cool but the sides were all gold and they were just amazing in person lol. His chain kinda had this insane sparkle when you walked by him and it read Tyga Tyga! I really wanted to wear it but I thought his security guard would put a hurting on me if I even asked him lol so I just admired from a far.  His shoes also continued with the laid back look of his outfit and he wore a pair of navy blue chuck converse. And how did I fail to mention his custom G-Shock watch. It was AMAZING! It was covered in blue diamonds with a red wrist band. Dope, dope, doope is all i’m gonna say about it. From the little bit of time I spent with Tyga I observed (lol) he is soft spoken and is a hard worker who really cares about what he does. Right after the concert he drove an hour and a half to an after party and the next day was on a flight to another concert.

Big Sean: I’d been wanting Big Sean to come down to my school for about a year now because of his cover on XXL Freshman 10 list along with J. Cole (my husband lol) and Wiz Khalifa who were both at my school last year. For sound check Big Sean came in wearing what I believed to be a BAPE cameo jacket, indigo colored jeans and an MCM wallet and tan, red and green shoes (looks better than it sounds). I had a chance to talk with him about his love for MCM and how many pieces he owned, I wish you all could have seen the pieces he had with him. I was extremely jealous and it made me love him even more. During his performance he switched into black jeans and a denim jacket with these crazy cool YSL pins. His chain was pretty hot too he had five individual necklaces that said words like WOW, BAM, POW and a couple other things.  Even though he was extremely tired from being on the road and performing you could tell that he was such a humble down to earth person. He performed for an hour when he was only contracted to for 30-45 minutes and I’m sure would have kept going. When he walked in and out of the room he made sure to greet everyone with a hug or some type of acknowledgement and when he says BOI your heart slightly melts lol. If I weren’t with J. Cole Big Sean might be that one for me lol!

Oh yeah shoutout to the Big Sean and Tyga groupies that attacked me on twitter after the concert lol!

Whenever I throw on similar attire I feel like I’m playing hide n’ seek with a gorgeous boy and it’s like the first time you think he saw you, your head peaks from around the corner and then disappears and that rush of excitement comes over you. That is exactly what mesh, fringe, and chains are doing for me right now. I think the trend is soo appropriate and super sexy and everyone can join in the fun. What do you guys think?



I’m back….again

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I know this is probably my 10th time saying that I’m back to blogging and I’ve probably said I’m serious about it a thousand times before. So I’m just going to blog and not say anything this time lol.

As I was sitting at work trying to figure out things to do I thought about my blog and wrote down an outline of what I would like to see happen.

I organized a list of different posts that I could include in my blog on a daily basis. So here are the topics! Let me know what you guys think.

Magazine Mondays – Showcasing anything from the editorial heavens.

Trend Tuesdays – Current seasonal and up and coming trends.

Werk Wednesays – Celebrity outfits

Try It Thursdays – DIY projects and more trends.

Fierce Fridays – Showcasing one fabulous individual!

What do you all think about my current reinvention of my blog?

Gisele Bundchen

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I love the simple beauty that Gisele Bundchen brings to these photos taken in 2007 by Regan Cameron. Her beauty outshines the splattered paint.

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